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Lot Clearing and Land Renovation

Clearing Land for Functional Property Management

Preparing the Land Before Construction Begins

Our team will evaluate the site during your planning stage to help determine which trees to preserve and which trees will be removed.

We will safely remove marked trees as well as their stumps using our equipment. On larger sites, any logs that can be used as lumber will be harvested to help cover some of the project costs. On smaller sites, we will recycle all other material into mulch that can sometimes be used as erosion control on site.

Any trees being preserved will also be protected during construction, plus we'll address any other issues to improve their health or aesthetics.
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The Benefits of Selective Lot Clearing

Improve Your View - Trees blocking your view? Sometimes all it takes is some pruning to open up your view, or sometimes the trees need to be removed completely. We can evaluate the project with you and come up with a plan that gets you the view you want and maintains the health of your trees.
Expand Your Yard - Sometimes you find the perfect house, but it doesn’t have the perfect yard. We'll evaluate your property and create a plan to expand your yard by clearing the lot, or selectively removing trees and unwanted brush.

Residential and Commercial Lot Clearing

Even if you have the equipment, you may not have the time to safely remove all of the trees and bushes on your land. Our team of certified arborists provide professional, safe and prompt service. We're happy to provide you with a free estimate to see if our services are a good fit for your property.
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