Stump Removal

We offer premium stump removal in the mid-Missouri area. No matter what size stump you need removed or what condition it’s in, the team at Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal has you covered. All our stump removal services are carried out in an exceptionally safe, timely, and affordable manner. Once we’ve successfully removed the stump, we’ll dispose of it, clean up the area and, if desired, advise you on good next steps in caring for your newly available land.
For every stump removal project, our certified arborists learn everything they can about the project at hand before going to work, ensuring the most effective removal process. Contact us to get started!

Why should I get my stump removed?
Stumps are generally unattractive and can get in the way of your yard, but that’s not the only reason stumps should be removed. Stumps can also be hazardous if they’re in an area with high foot traffic, such as your yard. Also, stumps are prime real estate for termites and carpenter ants looking to build a home. In time, such an infestation can cause problems for the wildlife around your stump, not to mention the appeal of your yard.


What is the process like?
Stump removal is a relatively simple procedure. After learning about the nature of your stump, our team will ascertain the best method for its removal and get to work. Once we’ve successfully removed your stump, we’ll dispose of it and do our best to restore the area to its original condition.