Stump Removal

Affordable Stump Removal Services in Columbia, MO

Arthur Ratliff Tree Service & Stump Removal offers premium stump removal services for the mid-MIssouri area. Our capable team can remove your unwanted stump no matter the size or condition. All of our stump removal services are carried out in an exceptionally safe, timely and affordable manner. Once we’ve successfully removed the stump, we’ll dispose of it, clean up the area and, if desired, advise you on good next steps in caring for your newly available land.


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Reasons to Get an Unwanted Stump Removed

There are a variety of reasons to get an unwanted stump removed from your yard. These range from cosmetic reasons to liability or maintenance reasons.


Stump Removal Makes
Your Yard Prettier

There’s no way around this: stumps can be unsightly in your yard. If you have an expanse of beautiful grass or a wonderful garden, a large, rotting stump can detract from the overall appeal of your yard. Removing the stump means removing an eyesore and reinstating the beautiful continuity of your yard. Stump removal can also give you the opportunity to plant a new tree in its place like a beautiful maple or pear tree.


Stump Removal Makes
Your Yard Safer

Stumps present a risk for injury in your yard, especially if you have children. The potential for tripping or twisting an ankle is increased when there’s a stump in your yard, even more so if the stump is hidden by growing grass or plants. Stump removal makes your yard safer for play and leisure.

yard care

Stump Removal Makes
Your Yard Easier to Care For

Since stumps are dead wood that will continue to rot, they’re the ideal breeding ground for fungus or unwanted growth. Stump removal ensures that you won’t be dealing with unwanted weeds or fungus come springtime. Additionally, removing a stump makes lawn maintenance like mowing and weed eating much easier.

Stump Removal FAQs

What is the stump removal process like?

Stump removal is a relatively simple procedure. After learning about the nature of your stump, our team will ascertain the best method for its removal and get to work. Once we’ve successfully removed your stump, we’ll dispose of it and do our best to restore the area to its original condition.

Why should I hire a professional and not remove the stump myself?

The potential for injury when performing tree services yourself is significant. Doing it yourself can also result to damage in your yard, spending more on ineffective treatments and a large chunk of your valuable time. Stump removal is best left to professionals who can safely and effectively remove the entire stump and root system.