Timber Improvement

The impact of what’s growing around you is more significant than most might think. Low-quality trees can have a negative impact on the soil and ecosystem as a whole. Whereas high-quality trees are a necessity to a thriving ecosystem.

If you live in a heavily wooded area, it’s important to know the quality of what’s growing around you. Are the trees growing in your area flourishing, or are they low quality? Families and businesses often rely on tree specialists to help them ensure the trees and plants growing around their home or business are beautiful, strong and healthy. A certified arborist, like the team at Arthur Ratliff Tree Care, can identify areas for improvement to your trees; enhancing the overall look and strength of your yard or property.

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Whatever your timber improvement needs are, allow our professionals and certified arborists to help you enhance your woodlands.

Tree Repair and Timber Improvement in Columbia, MO

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When it comes to forestry, the certified arborists and expert staff at Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal use timber improvement to optimize wooded areas for longevity and aesthetic appeal. We start by coming out to your property for an inspection. From there, we’ll discuss your goals and come up with a plan to meet those goals. Once we have an established plan, our professionals get to work quickly and efficiently to leave your property in the best shape possible.

Through timber improvement, we selectively determine which trees should remain, which should flourish, and which should be removed in order to provide the healthiest and most beautiful landscape. Whatever your timber improvement needs are, allow our professionals and certified arborists to help you enhance your woodlands.

Our family-owned business has thrived on the quality of our work and exceptional customer service in Columbia and mid-Missouri. We treat each client like they are apart of the Ratliff family by working closely with every client to correctly diagnose their tree problems and develop a plan to ensure high-quality tree growth. Our company is well-trained in how to assess your current trees, and we know what it takes to develop corrective timber improvement. We also offer exceptional services in tree trimming and removal, stump removal, lot clearing, mulch and storm damage!

Keep Invasive Tree Species Out with Arthur Ratliff Timber Improvement in Columbia, Mo

Invasive species can quickly overwhelm a property. In Missouri, we commonly deal with invasive honeysuckle, Canada thistle, Callery pear, as well as various reeds and grasses. Invasive species compete with native species for resources like light, water and soil. Since native plants are such an important part of our local ecosystem, removing unwanted species and fostering a strong environment for native or preferred species means an increase in biodiversity on your property. If an invasive species is taking over your property, call Arthur Ratliff.

Timber Improvement FAQs

What are the benefits of timber improvement services?

Yes. Not only does timber improvement augment the health and beauty of your trees, it can also add significant value to your wooded property. By selectively determining your most desirable trees, we develop and execute a plan to give you a luscious wooded landscape, which in turn increases the value of your property over time.

Additionally, timber improvement typically involves planning for a more biodiverse tree population in order to create the richest wooded area. Over time, this biodiversity may attract new wildlife.

Is timber improvement necessary?

Timber improvement is not always necessary for every situation. However, it is one of the best investments you can make if you live in a heavily wooded area. If you let thick woods grow on their own, natural thinning would only occur as trees die, but that could take many decades. Instead, removing low quality trees and planting high-quality trees can allow new seedlings to take form on the ground immediately. This process is vital for creating a thriving ecosystem around your home or business.

How much does timber improvement cost?

Depending on the size of your lot and tree issues, timber improvement can be extremely affordable given the importance and impact that low-quality trees can have on your land. Often, if tree problems are detected early and corrective timber improvement takes place, it can be cheaper than letting these problems grow. Get a quote today!