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Are You Over Watering Your Trees?

Are You Over Watering Or Under Watering Your Trees?

Keeping the trees on your property healthy is an important part of home maintenance and upkeep. Having healthy trees increases the curb appeal of your home, and a properly maintained tree is a beautiful addition to any home or property. Keeping that in mind, the trees on your property can’t tell you if they are having problems. They do however leave clues as to what is causing them problems, this guide will help you identify these clues, and what to do once you have identified the problem.

Tell-Tale Signs That Can Inform You of How Your Tree Is Doing

How To Tell If Your Tree Is Over Watered

The easiest way to tell if a tree on your property is over watered is to check the soil around the tree. If the ground around the tree is constantly wet, your tree might be over watered. Another way to tell is if the leaves on the tree appear to be green and healthy, but upon further inspection are extremely fragile and break easily. If you notice either of these signs, it is extremely likely that the tree is being over watered.

How To Tell If Your Tree Is Under Watered

Determining if a tree is under watered is slightly easier than telling if the tree is over watered, but the clues are quite similar. If you notice that the leaves on the tree are wilting, or turning into their fall colors early and dropping, then the tree is more than likely under watered. Running the sprinklers in your yard is simply not enough to properly water a tree, as the grass surrounding the tree will take most of that water.

How To Help An Over Watered Tree

Over watering a tree is extremely detrimental to the overall health of the tree. When a tree is being over watered, the excess water is filling up spots that would otherwise be filled with air. Not only is your tree being over watered, the tree is also not receiving enough oxygen. The first step to helping your tree out is to stop watering the tree. The next thing you can do to help the tree is to mix clay soil with compost for the tree. The clay soil will help absorb the additional water causing problems for the tree. Additionally, after it rains, examine the area around your tree to see if water is pooling up at the base of your tree. If so, removing the tree entirely might be the best option for you and your property. Contact Arthur Ratliff to schedule a quick and easy tree removal service.

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