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Everything You Need To Know About Lot-Clearing In Mid-Missouri

Top 3 Reasons to Have Your Lot Cleared by Arthur Ratlfiff Tree & Stump Removal, LLC

Lot clearing is more than just bulldozing unwanted shrubs and trees out of the way. There are several motivating factors behind choosing to have your outdoor space cleared.

  1. The first reason you may want to have your lot cleared is for construction purposes. Before any team of construction workers can break ground and begin laying the foundation, the land must be free of all natural-growing elements. Specifically in a city such as Columbia,MO, construction is constantly taking place and cannot begin until a lot is successfully cleared of all plants and natural growths, this is the most common reason for lot clearing.
  2. Another reason is safety concerns. If your lot is home to old or weak trees, this could pose an immediate threat to any bystander’s safety because the trees could potentially be at risk of  falling over. Dying trees are a major safety hazard and it is important they are properly addressed.
  3. Lastly, lot clearing is an effective way to improve land value. A large patch of trees that appears out of place in your landscape may be cause to have them cleared in order to better blend the surroundings.

Benefits Of Lot Clearing

Lot clearing provides several advantages to the landowner. Removing trees and shrubs not only adds new spaces to build, but also increases your land’s aesthetic value. New space on your property creates opportunities for adding amenities to your home, such as a pool or garden. Another benefit is property maintenance. Taking care of overgrown plants or invasive species is important in terms of controlling where they grow. You may decide you want to leave your wild milkweed growing through your yard as it is a popular species in the mid-Missouri area. However, it is important to control the plant and make sure it does not spread into unwanted areas. Finally, health and safety are always a concern for any landowner. Overgrown areas of brush and weeded areas are homes for many unwanted creatures, such as snakes, vermin and ticks. These animals can pose a threat due to diseases they carry as well as be a hindrance to you and your neighbors. Clearing a lot is a safe way to rid your property of these animals in a humane way without harming them, but encourages them to relocate.

Why Hire The Arthur Ratliff Team To Clear Your Lot?

First and foremost, clearing a lot requires operating heavy machinery. If the operator of these machines is not thoroughly trained on how to use the equipment, they could endanger  themselves and others. They also run the risk of damaging your property in the process of using equipment they are not familiar with using. Hiring a professional ensures everyone’s safety. Clearing a lot is much more than running over every plant and tree in sight with a bulldozer. It takes a lot of equipment ranging from hand tools to large excavators. It is likely most urban homeowners do not own all of the required tools and machinery to properly clear land. Another reason to turn to the professionals for removing trees and shrubs from your property is that they ensure the plants do not grow back. Arthur Ratliff knows how to correctly remove plants from the base and make sure they will not return or multiply. Lot clearing is a time-consuming task, and a lot to take on by yourself.  A vast knowledge of trees, equipment and safety regulations is required in order to perform a successful lot clearing. Hire someone you can trust and depend on to make this process as quick and painless as possible.

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