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Are Your Trees Healthy?

How to Tell if Your Tree Needs Trimming, Pruning or Full Removas

Tree trimming and pruning may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it is pertinent you stay on top of health maintenance for your tree in Mid-Missouri.

Your tree may seem fine from a distance but up close there can be signs of damage or decay. Things like root rot may be lurking under the surface and you want to be sure to catch it before it gets worse. Arthur Ratliff Tree & Removal Services offers tree trimming, pruning and stump removal services in Columbia, MO. It is important to call a certified arborist if you are worried about the health of your trees. By understanding how to spot damage or decay in your tree, you can have ease of mind and healthier trees.

Have You Examined The Trees Around Your Home?

According to the American Arborists, these are the ways you should examine your tree.

Trunk & Bark

  • If the bark shows signs of damage, then it could be a sign the tree is decaying or rotting.
  • Usually when trees age the outer layer of their bark falls off and is replaced with a new layer. However, if the tree is sick it won’t be able to replace the old layer of bark with a new one.
  • Check for fungal growth on the tree. If you see large clusters of fungal growth on your tree, your tree may be suffering from internal rot. 

Tree Roots

  • Obviously the roots aren’t very easy to check to see if your tree is sick. However, if you recently had construction projects near your tree there is a good chance the roots were affected by the construction. In this case, you should call your local arborist, Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump removal services.
  • Another way to tell if your roots aren’t healthy is if you see small branches sprouting from the base of the tree trunk. This signifies the tree is suffering from a lot of stress. What could the tree stress be from? According to “Helping Trees Manage Stress”, human activities such as improper planting, poor care or applying too much or too little water may cause stress and damage to a tree.

Branches & Twigs

  • Look out for sparse leaves on your branches during the blooming season. This is an indicator your tree is sick.
  • Be aware of dead branches. Look back at the trunk and bark indicators to see if your branches are dead.
  • A really easy way to determine your trees’ health is by breaking open a twig to see the color inside. You want the twig to be bright green. If you see anything brown or black then the branch you took the twig from is dead.

Will Pruning Help If My Tree Is Sick?

You may think, “isn’t trimming and pruning basically the same thing?” While they may be similar, pruning and trimming are actually two different ways to keep your tree in check. Trimming is mainly for aesthetic reasons and a way to keep up with the health of your tree, so you don’t have to resort to pruning. Pruning is the removal of dead or decaying branches. This process is the last step to save your tree if it is sick. Call a Certified ISA Arborist in Columbia, MO, if you find yourself in need of tree pruning. Click the link below to fill out a contact form to get started on your journey back to tree health!

What To Do When Your Tree Is Sick

If your tree is sick pruning doesn’t always fix the problem, and it’s time to move to the tree removal process. Removal of a tree can be dangerous which is why it is important to call a certified ISA arborist.

Why your tree may be sick:

  • Little or too much water.
  • Compacting or extracting soil.
  • Not having the proper mulching it needs to recover health.
  • Not infusing the soil around your tree with fertilizer.

The average cost for tree removal services in Columbia, MO falls between $75 – $1,500. Cost depends on a variety of factors. For affordable tree care in Columbia, MO, check out Arthur Ratliff’s Tree & Stump Removal Services in the link below.

How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

A good way to keep your tree healthy is by trimming it. Trimming your tree is not only beneficial for its beauty, but it is also important to trim your tree for its health and your safety. Trimming keeps your tree healthy by removing deadwood and therefore minimizing the chance of the infection spreading to the whole tree. Just as it is important to remove dead branches for the health of the tree, it is also important to remove them for the safety of the people around the tree area. Dead branches can fall at any time, especially during storms and windy weather. Check out our blog post about how regular tree service is important for storm damage prevention. By occasionally trimming your tree you prevent the need to prune away dead branches and worst of all the removal of your beloved tree.

If you aren’t sure of the best way to trim your tree call Arthur Ratliff Tree and Stump Removal to request an estimate!

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