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The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Trees During Mid-Missouri’s Summer

Tips for Summer Tree Care in Columbia, MO 

Summertime is finally here in Columbia, MO and we couldn’t be more excited! The trees in your yard are excited too, so why not give them the care they need to flourish this summer season? Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal is here to give you affordable tree care and tips for a beautiful mid-Missouri landscape.

Place Mulch Around The Trees To Preserve Moisture & Regulate Temperature In Columbia, MO Weather 

A fresh layer of mulch around the base gives your mid-Missouri trees an extra boost of moisture and security from the summer heat. It can also reduce the chance of pests interfering. You want to apply just the right amount in a circle around the tree without suffocating it. If your tree appears to be in poor health, vertical mulching is an alternative method used by gardeners in mid-Missouri. Arthur Ratliff Tree & Stump Removal can offer you budget-friendly mulching services if you need a hand.

Practice Summer Tree Pruning For More Access To Sunlight & Growth Promotion 

Pruning is simply the act of removing dead or damaged branches to uphold the structure of a tree while it grows. Summer tree pruning should not occur as frequently as it does in the winter, as it can put strain on the trees and harm limb growth. However, a little bit of pruning early in the summer has plenty of benefits. If you’re apprehensive about pruning your own trees, you can consult an arborist in the mid-Missouri area for proper guidance.

Watering Do’s & Don'ts For Summer Tree Care In Mid-Missouri 

When watering trees over the summer, avoid using sprinklers, even if it seems like the easier option. Instead, apply water yourself over the root zone until the soil is moist 6 to 9 inches down. The best time to water your trees in mid-Missouri is the morning, because watering later in the heat of the day may cause evaporation. Lastly, don’t water directly against the trunk. The water will reach the roots better if you water around the drip line, underneath where the branches extend.

How To Plant Fruit Trees & Maintain Them In Your Mid-Missouri Garden Over The Summer 

Looking to step up your yard’s apple tree care this summer? With the right care, you can make pies and fruit platters all summer with your healthy fruit trees. The general requirements for a fruit tree involves the hole you dig, protection from wind damage, regular watering and proper mulching. The best mulch for fruit trees is an organic, reliable mulch that best fits the tree type’s natural environment. When you first plant a fruit tree, make sure it’s in a good location with a hole that encourages the roots to grow outward. 

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