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Timber Improvement Guarantees Added Value To Your Property

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At Arthur Ratliff Tree and Stump Removal, certified arborists determine which trees in your wooded area should remain, which should flourish and which need to be removed in order for you to maintain the healthiest, most appealing property. This timber improvement and management process transforms wooded areas into more luscious landscapes, adding to the value of any property and creating a more bio-diverse tree population, beneficial for the growth of your forest and attractive to diverse wildlife.

Benefits of Timber Improvement and Timber Management

Property Value

According to the USDA Forest Service, healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a homeowner’s property value. Timber improvement and management gives way to a more aesthetically pleasing, healthy plot of land –  an investment guaranteed to bring a big pay-off.

New Growth

A major investment for those living in heavily wooded areas is to hire timber improvement specialists. Without timber management, you are allowing thick wooded areas to grow without new seedlings falling to the ground. The only way new seedlings will take form is through natural thinning, which only happens when the tree dies. This means your wooded area can go decades with no new seedlings or growth. The best alternative is to have professionals remove any low quality trees and plant high quality trees allowing new seedlings to take form. In addition, professionals can perform thinning or cutting on your pre-existing, superior trees to allow those trees to drop seedlings before the end of their life cycle.

Multiple-Use Wooded Area

With timber improvement and management, professionals can inform and direct you on different ways you can use your wooded area to get the most value out of your plot. There are many different uses including timber production, forage and habitats for wildlife, watershed protection, recreational use and curb appeal. With timber management, you can make your wooded area a multiple-use plot in contrast to single-use – making it much more utilitarian and valuable.

Making Use Of Land

Professionals can direct you on whether single-tree selection or multiple-tree selection is best for your property. The removal of selected trees leaves strategic gaps in which replacements can grow from natural seedlings, making the best use of your soil. Tree selection can also contribute to securing the soil’s foundation.

Firewood Harvesting And Tree Reproduction

Timber improvement includes professional insight on felling and regeneration of trees in an orderly sequence. The advice of a certified arborist will help to avoid finding yourself in short supply. Certified arborists know tree growth cycles and the best methods for reproduction, cuttings and protection. Reproduction requires the understanding of which types of trees are suitable to be introduced into your existing plot in order to thrive with pre-existing trees and be valuable to your harvest. Cutting, otherwise referred to as thinning, takes place during your forest’s development and exists to improve current trees and regulate growth, yielding a high quality harvest.

Professional & Safe Tree Services

Even if you have the tools, you may not have the time to properly take care of your trees. Our team of certified arborists provide professional, safe and prompt service. We're happy to provide you with a free estimate to see if our services are a good fit for your property.
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