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Too Close to Home: Tree Cleanup after a Summer Storm

As a business, we understand that tree maintenance is one of the lower priority tasks on your daily to-do list. You may notice a random limb hanging over your roof, or a dead branch on an otherwise healthy tree, but then you move on with your day and forget to take care of it. We’re not here to judge! We’re here to provide prospective and options for what to do when that tree breaks during a storm and hits a little too close to home.

“We didn’t hear the tree break because the storm was so loud!”

A client contacted us a few days after central Missouri was hit with a substantial thunderstorm. Of course they heard the thunder pounding and rain pouring during the night, but didn’t think much of it at the time - because it’s Missouri and these summer storms happen quite frequently. When they were getting ready to leave their home that following morning, they discovered half of an older tree had broken apart and crashed to the ground only ~20 feet from their living room.

When this client contacted us, they explained they were requesting Ratliff’s help to check the health of the rest of that same tree, and trim additional branches on other nearby trees that were hanging over their home… Just in case! They admitted they’d feel more at ease knowing an arborist would assess the trees to help prevent future damage. And, since we’d already be out there, of course they’d appreciate the extra help in handling the rest of the  debris cleanup.

Cleaning Up their Trees & Debris

Fortunately, this was not an emergency situation since there was no other damage to their property, and insurance did not need to be involved. One of our managers was on site within two days to provide an estimate for the work. We’re always happy when our services fit within the client’s budget! After the estimate was approved, we scheduled our team to complete the work.

Our cleanup team arrived mid-morning to meet with the client and explain what the process would entail. They then split up to complete the work in a timely manner. While part of our team handled the fallen tree, others worked on trimming overhanging limbs, plus we had a group handling debris and mulching. From start to finish, we were on-site for no more than four hours.

Another perk of having certified arborists assist is that we were able to assess the health of the tree to provide preventative maintenance. After working on cleaning it up, we learned this particular elm was starting to rot from the inside-out and that it would eventually need to be removed entirely. The client opted to keep it for now since there were no more large limbs near the house, and take care of full tree and stump removal at another time.

Checking In One Week After Cleanup

It just so happened that a week after we cleaned up the property, another large thunderstorm hit. They jokingly admitted they kept checking outside for more fallen trees, but the only cleanup necessary was picking up a few, tiny branches.

“We greatly appreciate Ratliff’s expertise and quick response in helping us take care of the trees around our home. While we of course love having all of the foliage and shade, it’s even better having the peace of mind that we’re being proactive in preventing severe damage.” - Client/homeowner

If you’re like this homeowner, where you think there could be a potential issue from storm damage, go ahead and give us a call (or submit an estimate request) so we can talk through it with you. We’re happy to provide you with an estimate of work!

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Even if you have the tools, you may not have the time to properly take care of your trees. Our team of certified arborists provide professional, safe and prompt service. We're happy to provide you with a free estimate to see if our services are a good fit for your property.
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