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Brush Clearing and Removal

Clearing Underlying Vegetation to Prevent Overgrowth

Removing Brush, Saplings, Invasive Species and Overgrowth

For smaller brush and saplings, we can use a tractor and brushhog to keep areas mowed and looking their best. We can set up a program to mow it multiple times a year to keep it under control.

For areas that are overgrown with invasive species or lots of small unwanted or undesirable tree species, we have larger machines that can clear these areas. We can clear small areas like a backyard, or large tracts of land. The machines will mulch up the trees and brush and leave the material spread out on the ground. This method doesn’t disturb anything below ground, so it doesn’t require any permits and doesn’t create erosion concerns. The mulched material can make a good seed bed for replanting and helps to hold the soil in place.

We also have chemical options to help clean up these areas and keep the brush under control. We have chemicals that will target unwanted brush and trees, but not harm grass. This is a great option for cleaning up large pastures. We have other options that can target brush, but not harm larger trees. We can help create and maintain a park-like setting. These chemical options work great when used as a follow up to our mechanized clearing options.
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Professional Brush Removal

We have multiple options to help remove or control unwanted brush. We're happy to provide you with a free estimate to see if our services are a good fit for your property.
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