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Storm Damage Cleanup

We'll Remove Damaged Trees and Debris

The Cleanup Process

First, our team will visit your property to asses the damage. The cleanup process may include trimming broken limbs, grinding stumps from uprooted trees, and even removing fallen trees from your property. We guarantee to get your lot cleared up and want to make sure your home will be safe and protected before the next storm.

Prevent Storm Damage with Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance will remove dead or damaged limbs before they come down in a storm. We can evaluate trees and limbs to determine potential hazards and then propose options to mitigate those hazards. We can use cables to help reduce the risk of failure on trees or limbs that have an elevated risk of failure due to species or tree structure if that is appropriate, or we can develop a plan to remove hazard trees or trim them to reduce or remove the hazard.

Signs Your Trees May Be Susceptible to Storm Damage

Dead or damaged limbs
Cracks or splits in the trunk of the tree or at branch unions
Decayed or hollow sections of the tree, especially near the base of the tree
Insect damage
Fungus - Either on the tree above ground, at the base of the tree or in the primary root zone around the base of the tree
Trees with a significant lean in one direction - This can be especially concerning in areas with rocky terrain since the roots in this terrain are weaker than those in good soil
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Safely Cleanup After a Storm

We recommend hiring a professional team to safely clean up debris after a storm to prevent injury, especially if there is a risk of down power lines. We're happy to provide you with a free estimate to see if our services are a good fit for your property.
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