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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Trees Prior To A Mid-Missouri Spring

Spring Tree Care Checklist in Mid-Missouri

Spring cleaning isn’t just important for your mid-Missouri home, yards need the sunshine and showers too! To help you prepare your trees for spring,  we made a spring cleaning checklist just for your yard and trees. It’s always a good time to check the health of your trees and yard right after winter, as there may be damaged or rotted plants. If you are unsure of whether your tree or shrubs need removal or treatments, call Arthur Ratliff Tree Removal Services and we would be happy to assist you in all your tree and shrub needs!

Why It Is Important To Inspect Trees And Shrubs In Mid-Missouri

After a long winter, it is always a good idea to check your trees and shrubs for standing water or flood damage. This occurs when melting snow or rainfall happens simultaneously over a long period of time. While sometimes the damage can be reversed, you should always call a certified arborist to determine if removal or treatments are necessary. Call your local arborist Arthur Ratliff Tree Removal Services today to make sure your trees are healthy!

Prune Dead Tree Branches Around Your Home In Columbia, Mo

Pruning is an essential part of keeping your trees healthy all year round. By removing unsafe, dead branches with damage from winter weather, your green healthy branches will remain safe all year long. Pruning protects your green, healthy branches from the unsafe, dead branches. Unsure if your tree needs pruning services in Columbia, MO?  Call Arthur Ratliff Tree Removal Services for certified arborists in mid-Missouri!

Planting New Trees In Mid-Missouri

Spring is the perfect time to plant new trees, shrubs and flowers! However, before you plant new landscaping for your Columbia, Mo home mow your lawns to remove old growth. This ensures old growth is completely removed before new growth begins! This is also a good time to fertilize and prepare your gardens for new vegetation. Would you like help planting your new trees? Call Arthur Ratliff for all your tree service needs in Columbia, MO!

Mulch Can Change The Landscape Of Your Home In Columbia, Mo!

Mulch is essential when planting new trees or taking care of present trees. By securing organic matter trees need beneath the soil surface, mulch provides optimal growth during the spring and summer months. Make sure your mulching is done correctly by calling Arthur Ratliff Tree Services for all your mulching needs! When done properly, it will help conserve soil moisture and keep weeds at bay.

Help Your Plants Grow During Mid-Missouri’s Spring With Fertilizer!

Fertilizing your plants during spring is best to ensure your trees and plants reach peak season growth. By applying a slow-release fertilizer which will not only replenish nutrients for your trees and plants but also improve resistance from disease, can give your plants extra protection to prevent them from damage during stressful weather. If you have questions about the kind of fertilizer to use and how to apply it, don’t hesitate to call Arthur Ratliff Tree Removal Services in Columbia, MO for assistance.

Other Ways You Can Care For Your Yard During Spring In Mid-Missouri

According to Missouri Botanical Garden, here are some tips for a healthy yard during March and April.

  • Begin planting out summer bulbs such as caladiums, gladioli and acidanthera at two-week intervals.
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials may be planted as soon as they become available at local nurseries.
  • Clean up and destroy the old foliage before new growth begins.
  • Spray to control lawn weeds such as chickweed and dandelions. Spraying them when they are growing actively, will improve your lawn’s appearance.

Now you can head into spring knowing that you are prepared for the spring and summer growing season.

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